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OHAM Research

OHAM facilitates HIV and AIDS malignancy research by coordinating and overseeing research programs throughout the NCI, as well as directly initiating and managing programs. Together, these major programs and initiatives in research, training, international studies, and clinical trials are driving important advances towards more effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of HIV/AIDS and HIV-associated malignancies within the United States and abroad.

Photomicrograph of an HIV-associated large cell lymphoma with CD68 stained in blue and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) stained in brown.

Photograph courtesy of Dr. Michael McGrath, West Coast ACSR, University of California, San Francisco

A number of research activities are directly managed by OHAM:

Main Research Programs

In addition, OHAM contributes to and has shared oversight for a number of training, research, and clinical trial efforts across the NIH and beyond:
Trans-NIH and Other Collaborative Activities

The burden of HIV/AIDS and HIV malignancies is particularly heavy in Africa and other parts of the developing world. A number of OHAM activities are conducting research to address this global problem:
OHAM International Activities

HIV/AIDS and HIV malignancy research is conducted in many of the Divisions and Offices throughout the NCI. Click here to learn more about the broad spectrum of NCI HIV/AIDS research.