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About OHAM

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) established the Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancy (OHAM) in December 2007 to enhance its research effort in the field of HIV/AIDS and HIV malignancies. Its Director is Dr. Robert Yarchoan.

The NCI has played a major role in HIV/AIDS research since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and scientists within and supported by the NCI have made a number of key discoveries. HIV/AIDS research is conducted throughout the Divisions and Offices of the NCI. In the years prior to 2007, this research was coordinated by the AIDS Malignancy Program, which resided in the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD). However, HIV/AIDS and HIV malignancy research takes place throughout the NCI, and its coordination will be facilitated by creation of OHAM and its location in the Office of the Director.

OHAM was created to:

OHAM includes two Programs:

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